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What Is The Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus Sex Toy?

The Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus is truly a one of a kind sex toy. Designing to literally mimic the tongue of a partner, the Mimic Plus Massager is the real deal when it comes to creating a realistic sensual experience. With the Mimic Plus, the best head of your life is just the click of a button away!

And the handling is just as natural as its form. Shaped to fit softly yet firmly in the palm of your hand, the Mimic Plus Massager takes all the right steps to give users the most mind blowing, authentic orgasm.

Whether you are a woman looking for incredible solo session of oral or a couple looking to incorporate a small, compact, and easy to use toy to transform your routine, the Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus is the ideal purchase.

How Do I Use The Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus Sex Toy?

Despite its innovative and high tech overall look, the Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus is fairly straightforward to use, just follow these simple steps:

  • Wipe off the toy with proper sex toy cleaning methods before use

  • At the base of the vibrator, you will find buttons that will take you through a variety of settings that include intensity and mode options – find out which combination best suits your current needs

  • Apply the Mimic Plus Massager to anywhere on your body – whether it be the clitoris, nipples, inner thighs, or neck – and feel a wave of pleasure come over you

  • With the vibrator’s compact size, we do not recommend fully inserting the toy internally

  • When you are done playing, be sure to charge the Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus with its accompanied magnetic charging port

To all the new sex toy users out there – do not be stressed out by the vibrator’s different and unique! Though it is visually quite different from other vibrators, it functions just the same. Ultimately, the Mimic Plus is a toy for everyone out there!

Incredible Features Of The Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus Sex Toy:

The Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus has a long list of astounding features that are crafted to specifically please each and every Mimic Plus user, including:

  • Silicone, body safe material allowing for safe internal and external pleasure

  • Totally waterproof, so you can bring it into the pool, hot tub, or shower!

  • Lock option for when you travel, ensuring your Mimic will not turn on and go off at a random moment

  • Eight different vibration modes to select from, making the Mimic totally customizable yet also interesting every time you use it

  • Six intensities to choose from, allowing users to start softly and increase over time

  • Like playing with the lights off? No worries, you will not lose your Mimic, as it is powered with an LED dimmer for soft, sensual light

Additionally, the mere shape of the Mimic Plus is worth discussing. Crafted to appear just like a human tongue, the Mimic Plus has two fold extensions that gracefully yet powerfully cup and hold any area you apply the toy to. And in the most realistic fashion yet, the Mimic has a curved tongue tip, allowing for the utmost precision when targeting your sweet spot.

Where Can The Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus Toy Be Used?

The Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus is an incredibly versatile sex toy — tease yourself and your partner with it externally or internally! However, we do advise that the Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus sex toy is not deeply inserted, as it is not quite long in length. Despite this, there are still a variety of different ways you can use your Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus, including:

  • Warming up your down there region with gentle clitoral stimulation

  • Massaging your neck and shoulders to soothe sore muscles

  • Stimulating the anal area for some perineum play

  • Tantalizing your partner’s nipples for some sensual pleasure

  • Teasing your inner thighs during your bubble bath – because the Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus is submersible!

Ultimately, though shaped like a vaginal, oral sex toy, the Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus has a variety of uses all throughout the body that can spice up partnered play quickly and effectively! So if you are in the market for a sex toy that is more than just single use, go for the Mimic!

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Shop the multi-use, larger than life, and ever luxurious Clandestine Devices Mimic Plus Vibrator today at!  Because everyone deserves a high quality, full body pleasure experience. With the Mimic Plus Vibrator, you get to have pleasure your way – and no one else’s. The Mimic Plus Massager is perfect for the open minded who are looking to customize their own moment.

If you are ready for this unique experience, shop the vibrator today! Or, if you are interested in any other full body vibrators or clitoral stimulators, please take a look at our extensive inventory of sex toys. 

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